MEDQ – Online Lifestyle & Medical Questions
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On MONDAY 9th JULY 2018 we made improvements to the application process which have meant all existing MEDQ Login Accounts had to be replaced.

If you are an adviser, you can now log into MEDQ using your Agent Reference (Adviser Centre Login details), where you will now have access to only your own MEDQ cases. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it using the Can't access your account? link above.

If you use MEDQ as part of an ADMIN team, you should have received an email with your own Holloway Friendly Account details, on or since 9th July 2018. Your new Account will still give you access to all your Agency’s MEDQ cases.

If you are unable to login to MEDQ, or have any other issues or questions please call us on 0800 716 654 or email advisers@holloway.co.uk.

If you wish your application to go through Telephone Interview instead of using MEDQ, please call 01452 782760 or email us at Underwriting@holloway.co.uk to book the appointment.